Monday, February 26, 2007

yar matey!!

And another older oil painting.

My studio mates at the time were doing a kick-ass pirate comic called "Sea of Red" and put me in the mood to depict some high seas tomfoolery.

The only downside was that they insisted on doing the Simpson's "ship-captain-pirate-guy" impersonation while they worked on the book.

yar, it twas mighty annoying after a while........


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Keep meaning to update more often but been working like a dog since the new year and just feel lazy when I post old bits...

Here's a couple of random doodles from the ol' sketchbook. nuthin fancy, just the usual mix of mutants, musicians, and my lady.

After seeing some of my buddies sketchbooks recently (Mr. Troung!!) I'm reminded that I need to sketch alot more often. I've been feeling really stale at work and It's more than likely a result of the lack of sketching from life and just doodling for fun...... (yawn)