Monday, June 18, 2012

I was lucky enough to get a chance to design an album cover for my buddy Mike's kickass band "The Business End" recently and as I've always wanted to take a crack at one it was nothing but a blast.  I was given a nutty description of what the band wanted (including "A Grim Reaper made of ice cream and sweets  being chased by a group of angry people wearing “Jesus Goggles" along with cameos by his dog Betty and Killface from Frisky Dingo) which initially had me stumped.  I roughed out a dirty sketch first to see if I could even make it work and, convinced I could come up with something at least fun, banged out the finished cover.  Even managed to work in a cameo of Eddie (the second most interesting man in the world) and his trusty bottle of Jack Daniels.  Hopefully did an ounce of justice to an incredible album.