Friday, August 24, 2007

And we're back.....

whew....been crazy the last few months.

Between finishing up several jobs, Comic-con (only went sunday afternoon and it was NUTS!!), teaching a class over the summer, and a three week vacation I haven't had much time to blog it up.

Still getting things in order but here's a few pics and doodles from the vacation, put a dash of photoshop on a few of em. The Missus, myself and our buddy Jason went to Indonesia to visit a good friend of ours Anthony. Had a blast hopping around the country w/ stops in Bali, Bandung, the Bunaken Islands, and Ubud.

Freddie of "Freddie and the Cobras" fame. These guys were the house band on one of the islands we stayed at. They were awesome playing everything from Guns and Roses to Radiohead. The drummer played a drum kit made of paint cans!! it was tuned and sounded sick.

Jetty, Jason, and I lost in Jungle.....

have a bunch more sketches as well as some other stuff to post shortly.

thanks for all the comments below guys, it's always great getting feedback!!