Friday, January 12, 2007's 2007 already?

a couple of super old oil paintings.

I really miss traditional painting. I would get mind-numbingly frustrated with the canvas but nothing beats holding an actual brush and getting paint everywhere and making mess of things. I spent many a morning in the garage of "Master" James Wu, pulling my hair out trying to paint the perfect cheek or fingernail only to have him walk over and lay down one or two strokes and fix everything.... then after clearly being amused by my frustration he'd cook me lunch. James is a true master ( and is also one of the most humble and patient teachers around.

Fortunately, I've got a commission coming up in the next few that'll give me an excuse to dust off those old brushes.


Eli said...

These are great. I'm humbled just by looking at these. Can't wait to see the new work too.

Joshua Flint said...

don't forget oil painting, chris, it hasn't forgot you.

Andre Barnwell said...

Thank yoou! wow yourwork is amazing and your character designs are wicked! thanks for takin the time to comment hope to see some more stuff old or new.