Friday, May 25, 2007

Still here.........just been a bit busy (lazy)

Been buried the last few months but thanks for all the great comments guys. It's always nice to get feedback from such amazing artists.

Here's a few more "Coraline" roughs and a little color key from end of last year.



Grant Alexander said...

I liked these before and they are still nice. Simple and clear.

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...

very nice christopher, very nice.

.....stop walking half naked and eating pizza!!

CCarman said...

Grant - thanks dood, congrats on graduating.

Nico - only if you promise to stop misquoting Dave Chappelle and/or bringing strange women to the apartment.

j. scott said...

Just simply lovely stuff, my friend...getting a bit inspired

Nicolas P. Villarreal said...


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