Monday, November 5, 2007

Guess the Celeb!!!!!

Hello fellow Art Monkeys

this should be pretty easy............

I start everything this way, a strong silhouette's half the battle when coming up w/a a decent design. If it doesn't read at this stage it's most likely not going to work later no mater how much rendering and nifty Photoshop brush-filter-breakdancing-doohickies you put on it.

I'll post the finished drawing and color in a few......

currently twitching to:

Be Good (RAC mix) - Tokyo Police Club
Cloud - Fischerspooner
All I Need - Radiohead
Your A Wolf - Sea Wolf
Ceremony - Joy Division
Take Pills - Panda Bear
Filer is Wasted - Snowden
Your English is Good - Tokyo Police Club
Kingdom - Dave Gahan


GhettoFab said...

darn it you say it should be pretty easy but I dont listen to music much, which now its killin me that I dont know.

Great Blog Chris ! Bookmarked and will be back over and over and over again!

Anonymous said...

I know I know! Is it Amy Winehouse? Great silhouette btw.

Jon Colton said...

I would have to guess Amy Winehouse also. The only other person I could think of with that much hair is Dolly Parton - and if it's her you've done Dolly a grave injustice.

I do think it's pretty cool, seems a shame though (if it is Amy) not to indicate her full lips somehow.

jet2dresq said...

you're a nerd..but i love you.